From a Repeater

From a Repeater

YSF Access

To access the XLX097 Reflector through the West Bridgewater Repeater, you will have to hit the Wires-x Button on Your Radio to connect once you are connected you will see a list of talk groups on your radio from there you can scroll to the (00097) – XLX097 Reflector or you can manually key it in from the keypad on the radio with the five digit number associated with each reflector (00097) for the XLX097 Reflector.

DMR Access

All three repeaters are on BrandMeister Network where the XLX097 Reflector is linked to Talk Group 3166532. On the West Bridgewater Repeater the owner was kind enough to give the Reflector direct access from Talk Group 6. Thank you Jeff.

449.9875444.9875DMR CC4West BridgewaterDMR TG 6 / DSTAR / YSF
146.6250146.0250DMR CC1Cumberland, RIDMR TG 3166532
145.3900144.7900DMR CC9MarsfieldDMR TG 3166532 / DSTAR / YSF