How To Access XLX097 Reflector from a Hot Spot or Repeater

How To Access XLX097 Reflector from a Hot Spot or Repeater

To access the XLX097 Reflector on New England Digital Radio, you can use various digital voice modes, depending on your radio equipment and preferences typically support the following modes.

Pi-Star Hot Spot

   DMR is a widely used digital voice mode in amateur radio.

To access XLX097 Reflector via DMR, you’ll need to configure your Hot Spot with the Talkgroup ID # 3208773 & Timeslot – 2 for the BrandMeister Network. If you are on the TGIF Network the Talkgroup ID is the same, 3308773. Your radio code plug must have the Talkgroup 3208773 programmed into it.

   You can connect to XLX097 Reflector through YSF by configuring your Hot Spot with the Reflector’s Room Number or the Reflector.

   D-Star is another popular Digital Voice Mode in amateur radio.

You can connect to the XLX097 Reflector via D-Star by configuring your Hot Spot to use the configuration shown here. Of course substitute your my call sign for yours.

How to Access XLX097 from a Local Repeater

RXTXDMR CCLocationModes
449.9875444.9875DMR CC4West BridgewaterDMR TG 6 / DSTAR / YSF
146.6250146.0250DMR CC1Cumberland, RIDMR TG 3208773
145.3900144.7900DMR CC9MarshfieldDMR TG 3208773 / DSTAR / YSF

   System Fusion, also known as C4FM, is used by Yaesu Radios.

To access the XLX097 Reflector through the West Bridgewater Repeater or Marshfield, you will have to hit the Wires-x Button on Your Radio to connect once you are connected you will see a list of talk groups on your radio from there you can scroll to the (00097) – XLX097 Reflector or you can manually key it in from the keypad on the radio with the five digit number associated with each reflector (00097) for the XLX097 Reflector.

Remember that specific configuration settings and procedures may vary depending on your radio model and software. Consult your radio’s manual or the documentation provided by the XLXD Reflector administrator for precise setup instructions to connect to the desired XLXD module using your preferred digital voice mode.